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5 members, 3 conference days, one birthday and countless of valuable insights… Our team members had an amazing experience at Integrate 2023 in London, the World’s Largest Microsoft Integration Tech Conference. Our team, consisting of Yanick Boel, Tiago Costa, Bart Scheurweghs, Jochen Toelen, and Maarten Demont, attended the event, which has become an annual tradition for us (check our blog from 2022 here).

Let’s dive into the highlights of this year’s conference and the valuable insights we gained.

What’s all the fuzz about?

Integrate 2023 proved to be yet another exceptional event, packed with valuable insights and networking opportunities. As integration enthusiasts, our team eagerly looked forward to this conference, and it certainly lived up to our expectations. The sessions and workshops provided us with the latest advancements in Microsoft integration technologies, allowing us to stay at the forefront of our field.

Please mind the Gap: Microsoft Bridging BizTalk and AIS

One of the significant insights we learned at Integrate 2023 is that Microsoft is actively closing the gap between BizTalk and Azure Integration Services (AIS). We discovered that Microsoft plans to offer components and features natively in Azure Integration Services, which were previously only available in BizTalk without an alternative. This strategic move by Microsoft aims to provide a seamless transition for businesses and ensure a smooth integration experience.

Observability takes center stage

The conference dedicated considerable attention to observability, encompassing aspects of monitoring, logging, and even business-driven insights. Traditionally, observability has been approached from a purely technical standpoint. For example, when forwarding an order, the logging and monitoring would focus on the technical steps such as receiving the order, transferring it, and sending it to SAP. However, Microsoft is now emphasizing a business-oriented perspective as well. This means that you can help your customers by specifically tracking their orders within your integration chain and identifying any bottlenecks or issues they may encounter.

Microsoft is actively working on closing the gap between business- and technical monitoring. They recognize the importance of not only understanding the technical aspects of the integration process but also being able to view it from a business standpoint. This gap is being bridged through initiatives such as the Business Process Tracker, which provides a business-focused view of the integration journey. By searching for specific business identifiers, you can visualize each step of the integration process and identify where an order may be delayed or encountering issues. This tool opens up new possibilities for us and enables us to provide better support and insights to our customers.

A birthday party integrated into a conference!

Bart, one of our talented team members, happened to celebrate his birthday during the conference. Our partners at heard about it and arranged a surprise birthday cake for Bart, adding an extra touch of warmth and camaraderie to the event.

What better way to celebrate Bart’s birthday than in the enchanting city of London? After the conference, our team took the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of London. Stepping outside the conference halls, we immersed ourselves in the vibrant culture and iconic landmarks the city has to offer. From strolling along the Thames River to visiting historical sites and off course enjoying the local pubs! building!

Beyond the professional development gained from attending Integrate 2023, the event also served as an excellent team-building opportunity. Spending a few days together in a foreign city allowed us to connect on a deeper level and strengthen our working relationships. Building strong personal connections within our team enhances our collaboration and ultimately contributes to our overall success.

Already looking forward to Integrate 2024…

Integrate 2023 was a remarkable event that provided our team with valuable insights and updates on the Microsoft integration landscape. We discovered that Microsoft is actively bridging the gap between BizTalk and Azure Integration Services, ensuring a smooth transition for businesses. Additionally, the conference highlighted the importance of observability and the integration of business-driven insights into monitoring and logging processes. We are particularly excited about the Business Process Tracker, as it allows us to track and troubleshoot specific orders and gain a holistic view of the integration journey.

Attending Integrate 2023 not only expanded our knowledge but also strengthened our team’s bond and provided a unique team-building experience. We are grateful to for organizing such a fantastic event and for their thoughtful gesture in celebrating Bart’s birthday. We look forward to the future editions of Integrate and the continued growth and innovation in the field of Microsoft integration.

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