Blog at Techorama 2022 – Let’s tell you all about it! 

Written by at TechoramaEvery year the Techorama conference brings together IT-experts from all over the world. Of course we wouldn’t want to miss out on this deep knowledge IT conference, so not only did we attend the conference, we also had our own booth together with Micronos.

Viva Las Vegas!

The organisation of Techorama 2022  had transformed the Kinepolis cinema into a mini Las Vegas including roulette tables and poker tables. The participating companies all did a great effort to stay in the theme by bringing their own games. We saw, for example, dart boards and slot machines at our colleagues’ booths.

Of course we also stayed in theme and had cool gadgets to hand out.

At our booth people could win card decks if they played a game with us. All fun and games aside, it was a very nice day for networking and participating in a session here and there. We’ve met a lot of people and had a perfect time to network with IT experts from all over the world.

Our colleague Yanick was also present, so we asked him how he experienced the conference.

The best introduction to IT conferences

“This was my first IT event ever and I must say – wow I am pleasantly surprised!
Luckily I came prepared and I downloaded the app with the time table the day before. The schedule was insane! At times there were 10 speakers at once. I took some time to go through all the topics and choose the sessions that interested me most. Making some choices was hard but I managed to make my own schedule and then I could start looking forward to it!”

More than experts talking about technical stuff

“I chose to listen to speakers who talked about the expected

new features of C-Sharp, quantum computing and other technologies that I would not normally encounter in my everyday life. There were also speakers who did not really talk about technologies but more about personal skills. One of t

hese lectures was called ‘the visible developer’. In this session I got some really good tips on how to make sure developers don’t disappear into the background, but can really show people the impact their work has on an organisation.”

Finally some real-life networking

“The first impression when I entered the conference was immediate spot on! The organisation really worked with the Las Vegas theme to transform the Kinepolis cinema into a casino-like venue. The halls were filled with IT professionals from all over the world playing roulette, card games or taking their best shot at a slot machine. The atmosphere was perfect for networking with people from all over the world. I met really interesting people from the US, Sweden and from all other parts of Europe.
This conference really makes me look forward even more to the Integrate 2022 conference in London that I am going to” – Yanick