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Working in IT is great, but working in Integration is even better! Are you interested in pursuing a career in the wonderful world of Integration technologies? But you’re not sure where to start? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! The ‘Road to Azure Integration Hero’ program is specially designed to kick-start your career.

What to expect

The Road to Azure Integration Hero is built up in 4 sections.

1. Introduction to Azure and Azure Integration Services.
We’ll get you acquainted with the Azure Fundamentals concepts and a deep dive into the Azure Integration Services such as Azure Logic Apps, Functions, and API Management.

You will learn how to implement message or event-based integrations using services such as Azure Service Bus & Event Hubs. After this first section, you’ll be able to perform automated deployments in multi-environment architectures.

2. Biztalk Server 
Never heard of Biztalk before? We’ve got your back! We will teach you the basics about the BizTalk Server runtime, messaging adapters, message routing & complex integration orchestrations.

3. Common Integration Design Patterns and message handling
Because you’re probably new to Integration, we will teach you the most important integration design patterns, relevant for both BizTalk Server & Azure Integration Services. Using message transformation languages such as XSLT & Liquid, you will learn how to perform message transformations and how to apply them as part of an integration solution.

4. A real-life use case.
Put your knowledge to the test in a use case and present your findings to the team. Don’t worry, we’re still here to help you out if you come across something you haven’t seen before in the course.

Do you have what it takes?

Did you just get your IT degree or do you already have your first working experience in IT? Chances are high that you’ve never worked with Biztalk & Azure Integration Services before. Let’s make you an expert in these technologies to start your career at Here’s a little checklist to see if you’re applicable to starting the Road to Azure Integration Hero!

If your answer is ‘yes’ to all these questions, you’ll have to read on!

Learn at your own pace

The estimated time of this course is around 1 month but we encourage you to go through this at your own pace. During this time you will complete several courses and you will stay in touch with your mentor. Your assigned mentor will keep track of your progress and assist you with advice or extra resources if needed.

Bonus, this course is a part of your introduction to our team, so yes, you’ll already get paid! 😉

What’s possible after this training?

Right from the start of your first day in this program, you’ll be seen as a valuable part of our team! When you feel ready for it, we’ll ask you to join one of our more experienced team members on a project for one of our clients. There you can put all your knowledge into practice, knowing you have the support of a team member who’s always by your side. This marks the start of your career as an integration expert!

In the meantime, you will get the opportunity to obtain multiple Microsoft certifications with a primary focus on the Azure Fundamentals and Development tracks.

Through the eyes of our team member!

“Hi, I’m Tarik, a Junior Integration Engineer at
I joined right after I got my degree in IT. I still remember that during my study we never talked about Biztalk or Azure. So when one of my friends told me about his job at, I was intrigued.  I did my research and even experimented a bit with Azure, and I was really into it! That’s why I decided to go chat with myself. They liked my enthusiasm and offered me to start the training!

The world of IT is a never-ending learning process. So I still learn something new almost every day. The Road to Azure Integration Hero was the best kind of kick-off to a new job I could imagine, definitely seen the fact that I had never heard of Azure and Biztalk before.

So if you’re looking for a job in Integration but don’t have any experience in it yet, this is your chance to get a head-start!

See you soon?”Tarik

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