Technology Squad? – Let’s tell you all about it! 

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Technology keeps on evolving in our sector! To make sure our team stays on top of all new developments, we give them the chance to keep learning. One of our latest additions to their lifelong learning paths is the Technology Squad!

The plan to start these Tech Squads sounded good to the team, so we recently launched it.

We asked our colleagues Sven, Jasper and Yanick how they feel about the new Tech Squads!

Tech Squads make you combine teamwork, learning something yourself and teaching others!

Technology Squad -“We just launched the Tech Squads in our company. During these sessions we get the chance to work on a project with a small team. This time me and my squad chose to do research in Microservices. We’ll get some time to work on it during the office hours and will present our findings during one of the Fast Tracks. Fast Track days are always a combination of learning, a fun activity and dinner. I’m already looking forward to presenting our findings to the rest of the team!” – Sven (Azure Cloud Integration Architect )

You’ll get in touch with new technologies you normally wouldn’t use

“I remember one presentation from my team members that had ‘Bicep’ as the topic. This was completely new for me so it was very interesting to learn so much about it from my own colleagues. I think that’s the biggest advantage of these learning moments. You’ll get in touch with technologies you would never see if it wasn’t for these moments.” – Yanick (Junior Cloud Developer)

Being up-to-date is convenient for both us and our clients!

“Getting the time to update our knowledge isn’t just fun for us, it’s also very convenient for our clients! They can always be assured we have experts in our team that will know all the ins and outs of the technologies we’re working with.” – Sven (Azure Cloud Integration Architect )

Learning from your colleagues makes this even more fun!

“Tech Squads are also a big advantage for in comparison with other companies. You get to educate yourself in a small group of colleagues that might be on a higher level or have more experience in that topic. Getting the chance to work on it during the office hours is an extra benefit to me.” – Jasper (Azure Integration Consultant)

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