Unleashing the Power of Privacy – CBX Hackathon

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Unleashing the Power of Privacy: How team Falcon Heavy took amateur athletes’ data privacy to heart at the CBX Hackathon!

Take a journey with us, as we recount our experience at the CBX hackathon, where Team Falcon Heavy took the stage, merging the expertise of and Archers to tackle a challenge that struck at the heart of data privacy for amateur athletes.

Challenge Accepted: Empowering Athletes’ Data Ownership

The challenge at hand was to create a robust system for privacy-empowered follow-up of athletes, ensuring they retain full ownership of their exercise data. With data being a precious and sensitive asset, we were determined to revolutionize the landscape.

Identifying the Barriers: A Quest for Solutions

As our minds ignited with ideas, we quickly pinpointed the major obstacles. The data generated by wearable technologies dwelled within incompatible ecosystems, owned exclusively by the platforms, and limited to point-to-point integrations. Athletes deserved better than that! We envisioned a world where athletes could have absolute confidence in their data’s confidentiality.

A Pioneering Approach: Forging a Path to Data Freedom

Our first step was to develop a universal data format that seamlessly integrates data from various ecosystems, granting consumers unprecedented access. Introducing our “Training Upload” and “Training Sharing” services.

But our mission didn’t stop there; we wanted athletes to reclaim control over their data. Enter the “Consent” service, providing athletes the power to grant fine-grained access to their data to chosen individuals for specific. For building this Who, What, When principle we relied on using oAuth.

The Nexus of Excellence: Retool and Azure Confidential Ledger

With Retool, we crafted user-friendly interfaces into our services. But securing the data was crucial. Enter the Azure Confidential Ledger – a fusion of blockchain technology and hardware-backed enclaves.

Blockchain ensured data integrity and incorruptibility, while the hardware-backed enclaves guaranteed data processing in a secured environment, isolated from the operating system and any external interference. Our athletes’ data was now impenetrable, safe from prying eyes, including our cloud providers. This way of working also has the added benefit of integrating with Azure Active Directory so that we could apply the rights of the chosen accounts on the Confidential Ledger resource.

As we pieced together the elements, the web app emerged, built with Retool, granting seamless access to our training and consent services. The data management service acted as the conductor, orchestrating the entire symphony of innovation.

The Triumph of Ambition: Pushing Boundaries and Beyond

Though we couldn’t implement every aspect of our ambitious vision, the journey itself was inspiring. The constraints of the challenge drove us to explore and experiment with cutting-edge technologies, enriching our knowledge and igniting a passion for pushing the boundaries of possibility.

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