Upgrading BizTalk360 to version 8.5 (8.5.2265.2507) + workaround

Upgrading BizTalk360 to version 8.5 (8.5.2265.2507) + workaround

Do you have two environments connected to one BizTalk360 installation? Definitely continue reading

A lot has changed since the latest version. Great new features were implemented and enhancements were made in the already existing features.

You can read about the new features in the other blog post that I wrote.

Installation made easy

Installing or upgrading BizTalk360 is one of the easiest things to do. Most of the times it’s just next, next, accept, , next and presto, you are done!

Before the installation

  • Download the latest version from your BizTalk360 dashboard
  • Make sure you have a backup of the BizTalk360 Database, you never know!
  • Make sure you have a backup of the BizTalk360 folder.
  • Logon to the servers you want to upgrade.
  • Get the Application Pool Credentials
  • Get the Monitoring Service Credentials
  • Get the Analytics Service Credentials

The installation itself

  • Deactivate all the affected licenses (Settings -> Licenses).
  • Copy the MSI to both servers and paste them in a temp folder.
  • On the servers, open up a command prompt (as admin) and type in the following command for the enterprise edition:
    msiexec /i C:TempBizTalk360.Setup.8.5.2265.2507.Enterprise.msi
  • When the setup screen pops up, click “Next”.
  • (Read and) accept the license and click “Next”.
  • BizTalk360 runs its pre-checks.
  • Enter the Application Pool Credentials and Monitoring Service Credentials and click validate. If you indeed disabled the licenses, and have given valid credentials, the BizTalk360 installer will unlock the “Upgrade” button.
  • BizTalk360 is installing and after a couple of minutes the installation is complete.

Be careful when you have two environments connected to one BizTalk360 installation

When upgrading a BizTalk360 installation with two environments, you need to be careful. As I encountered an error during the installation.

Of course, I wanted to know the reason of this failure. Therefore, I went on an investigation.

I opened the SQL script (version 8.7) which will be executed during upgrade.

Below, you can see the SQL Script failing.

So why it failed? Let’s have a look at the SQL code

The update expects only 1 value to be returned. If we execute the subquery, we notice that 2 fields are returned. This is obvious, since we have 2 BizTalk environments.

How to resolve this issue?

As stated by the BizTalk360 support team:

We found the root cause of this case. When you have two or more environments and ESB is configured for two or more environments this problem appears.
We will fix this problem. As a workaround please remove any one of the entries from the database for now and try to upgrade. Once after the upgrade, you can add/configure the ESB configuration once again from the UI.

This indeed resolved the issue. BizTalk360 is aware of this and I recommend to execute the workaround for this particular version. As usual they will resolve the problems probably faster than I’m writing this post.