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Maximize efficiency and go for sustainable innovation by seamlessly connecting your business processes, data and devices both on premise and in the cloud.

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Key benefits of integration for your organization

Save time and increase productivity

Streamlining operations reduces manual tasks and enhances your team's efficiency, ultimately saving time and increasing your organization's productivity.

Drive sustainable innovation

By integrating systems and data, you open doors to new possibilities and empower data-driven decision-making.

Improve your customer satisfaction and service

By seamlessly sharing data across diverse systems, you can refine your (personalized) approach and elevate overall customer satisfaction.

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For all your solution integration requirements, look no further! We provide you unmatched expertise in connecting your organizations’ ecosystem and applications ensuring a seamless and trouble-free integration process using Microsoft integration and cloud technology.

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Part of the Cronos Group

Our .team is a part of a growing .community. Within the Cronos Group, we’re a part of the
CornerBriX community. CBX is a tight-knit community where integration experts connect
talent and knowledge to build extraordinary experiences together.

Part of CornerBriX

CornerBriX is a community formed with Archers, B-flow, i8c,,, Integration Designers and Watchpoint. At CBX, we analyze and design integrations, build and implement innovative solutions and offer top-notch managed services, all starting from a strategic approach. helps organizations to connect data, processes and devices on premise and in the cloud, and thus unlocking new business potential! We connect business processes using Microsoft Solutions. is a "best of both worlds" collaboration uniting the strengths of Noest and Our partnership is dedicated to providing expertise for Azure Integration Services, seasoned with the distinctive flavor of a West-Flemish approach. Join us on a journey where cutting-edge technology meets local craftmanship, creating a unique and powerful synergy in the world of integration solutions.


i8c (Integr8 Consulting) is an expert in Hybrid Integration Platforms. As a business
integration solution provider, they help companies of all sizes improve their business
effectiveness by leveraging their new and existing IT systems. i8c has both a Belgian and a Dutch ( department.

Integration Designers

Setting digital transformations in motion, Integration Designers provides integration
solutions as the foundation of digital transformations.


Archers provides consulting expertise to design, build and evolve the integration landscape
of customers to meet the challenges of today’s connected companies.


B-flow specializes in solving technical challenges with Boomi: a unified platform that
connects all of your technology investments. They connect your business to ensure your
organization’s digital transformation.


Watchpoint delivers partner-managed integration platforms, multi-cloud and on-
premises deployments in a managed services model. They provide 24x7 support
services and span the full development and product maintenance lifecycles.