Azure APIM Synthetic GraphQL formats dates

If you’re here, you’ve probably been working on getting that nice synthetic GraphQL working in Azure API Management, excited about the possibilities and building it bit by bit. Until one day, you noticed that some of the data that returned didn’t quite look right. When you call your backend, your dates look right (in that […]

Claim-check pattern with APIM, Service Bus, Storage account and Logic apps

Hi there! This blog post intends to explain a possible way to implement a claim-check pattern with different Azure Integration Services components and highlights a few pitfalls.   The claim-check pattern The claim-check pattern is designed to facilitate the handling of large messages by reducing processing time and the load on the components involved in […]

Azure API Management  – stv1 platform retirement

End of 2023, Microsoft announced the retirement of the Azure API Management stv1 platform. But what does this exactly mean for your environment and which actions should you take to migrate your Azure API Management platform to the stv2 version?   Platform upgrade explained The update from stv1 to stv2 platform impacts the underlying compute […]