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At we are always looking for talent, so when we welcome a new talented IT person to our team we want to make sure they get a warm welcome! Want to know what the first days of a new member look like? Then read on! One of our newest colleagues, Tiago, will tell you all about it!

About Tiago

“Hi, I’m Tiago, the newest Azure Cloud Integration Architect at!
After 11 years of working for the same company, I was looking for a new challenge. The fact that I chose a career in integration is not a coincidence. I have worked on an integration project before (a long time ago), and found it very interesting. So when I felt I was ready for a new challenge in my career, I thought of the possibility of specializing in Integration technologies. At that point, I reached out to to discuss my career opportunities.
I see my start at as a new way to challenge myself and prove (especially to myself) that I am capable of mastering these new skills.”


“I did not choose just for the chance to work with a team of integration experts. The fact that I had heard good things about the company culture and the tight bond between the team members made it even more interesting for me. A job as a consultant was new to me, so I must say I was 50% nervous and 50% excited! But given the fact that the consultants at Integration.teamwork as a team, the excited part prevailed!
I have felt part of the team since day one, but I am looking forward even more to the team events and Fasttracks, so I can meet everyone and learn from them. I’ve even been invited to join the 3-day weekend later this month.”

My first day

“I knew exactly where I needed to be on my first day because I had been here before for my interviews and to sign my contract.
Ann and Steven were already waiting for me when I arrived, making sure I had everything I needed and giving me a quick tour. My car was waiting for me in the car park and I was able to start using my new laptop straight away.

Normally, new team members start with the introduction of the Road to Azure Integration Hero program, but since I already had some knowledge of integration, we took a different approach. They challenged me to skip the training part and go straight to the final assignment. That way, we could see where I lacked knowledge and I would only have to train in those areas. I love how they have adapted this approach to suit me. I am up for a challenge so I am looking forward to it! The fact that I have a whole team and dedicated mentors to help me throughout the process is very reassuring, but I also like to find out how things work myself. I’m glad I get the freedom to do things my way here.”

What I’m looking forward to…

“At the moment, I am concentrating on my education, but I must say that I am looking forward to my future here. After my training, I will have the opportunity to work together with one of my colleagues on a project with a customer. I am really looking forward to putting all the new knowledge I will gain into practice. I can imagine that when I have my first project of my own, I will be very proud! But for now, my main goal is to make my team proud.”

– Tiago

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