Meet Sven – Our Azure Cloud Integration Architect !

With his +10 years of experience at you can call Sven one of our lead integration experts! He has worked on the development and architecture of many Azure Integration projects. 

Find out more about Sven and how he experienced those 10 years with us!

10 Years of experience in a company that exists for only 6 years..


“10 Years ago, I got contacted on LinkedIn by a recruiter of i8c. I have to admit I was hesitant at first. They were offering me a full time position in Biztalk and Azure. Two technologies I didn’t really have any experience with. Luckily they persuaded me to have a chat and I must say they convinced me to sign a contract quite easily.

At i8c I could work with Microsoft .NET and I could make a big step in terms of pay and other benefits (like a car, fuel card,…). What started as a company of 20 employees, soon grew to a team of a hundred! In 2016 the i8c Microsoft team I was working for, got their own brand ‘’.We kept the close relationship with i8c, but got the chance to form our own company of 20 within the i8c cluster.”

My first three months consisted of studying and taking exams

“Since I didn’t really had experience with Biztalk and Azure, I got the chance to educate myself by studying and taking exams. As soon as I felt comfortable enough, I started a project with a more experienced colleague. This way I could learn by doing, whilst having a colleague right next to me to answer any questions I had. After that, I started working for my first own project. That was a big thing for me and I look back at that as a very exciting time! Now I’ve been working at a project of my own for over 5 years.”

The management will always look for a way to keep you happy

“The job at my current client is really made for me. They really like to keep up with the latest trends in IT so I get to work with the latest technologies and features. Here I can combine my passion for development with the non-technical side of architecture. I’ve worked for other clients before where I didn’t really get the satisfaction I was looking for. Luckily it’s no problem at to switch your clients. If you’re not happy in what you’re doing, you can always tell the management and they’ll try their best to look for a solution together with you. That’s how I “ended up” at my current client!”

Even though most of us work on different projects, we still have a lot of team events where we meet each other

“The fact that I work with three of my colleagues at my current job, is a bonus for me! The bond between the colleagues is very strong in our team. Even though most of us work on different projects, we still have a lot of team events where we meet each other. In the 10 years that I’ve worked here, I missed only 2 events. That means I’ve been on citytrips to places like Rome and The Ardennes but we also have the weekly game nights or activities like karting, lasershooting or parties. There’s always something to look forward to! The interaction between the team members feels more like having a second family. If you run into any kind of problem, there’s always someone ready to help. Even outside of the office hours, many of us keep in touch with each other. The words friends or family seem to suit us better than colleagues.”

My proudest moment? Can I just say I’m proud of my entire career here?

“I don’t really have a “proudest moment” memory here at That’s because I’m most proud of the entirety of my career here. I’m proud to have built something from scratch at my current client, but I’m also proud when I see junior professionals that I train doing a great job.”

The learning never stops here so we’re always up to date on the latest technologies!

“We have different moments with the team where we get the chance to learn and to teach each other. To give an example, we have monthly ‘Knowledge Nuggets’ where one of the team members gives a short presentation about a topic they had a training in. The cool thing about that is that you’ll learn things about technologies you’re not necessarily familiar with (yet) but might need in the future. This way you always have an advantage when it comes to advising what’s best for the project you’re working on. We also go to fairs like Techorama where the experts of the industry come together. Or we organise Fasttracks where an expert gives a training session to our team.”

During our weekly game night, you wouldn’t be able to pick out who’s the manager, the intern or the employee

“Will I double my time at and stay here for another 10 years? Well, actually I wouldn’t mind at all! I know times are changing and companies are too. But I’ve only experienced positive changes here. I don’t think many companies have a team with such a strong bond and such good relationships with the managers. If I tell you the management really sees us as team mates that work WITH them and not FOR them, you might think that’s not really exceptional. Let me tell you this, on our weekly game night, you wouldn’t be able to pick out who’s the manager, the intern or the employee. Yes, that means even the management gets yelled at during a game, and I think that’s the best proof of how we function as a family!”

– Sven

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