Meet Yanick – One of our Junior Cloud Developers!

Since we have Yanick Boel in our team, we all feel a lot safer! He worked in the security sector for 8 years before making the switch to development (and we are very happy he made that switch!). We have known Yanick since he did his internship here. Since 7 months he has also become a full time member of our team!  

Read on to find out why he chose to work at…

When Steven called to tell me had open vacancies, I knew what I had to do!

“During my studies I did my internship at I felt at home from day one. This was mainly due to Steven, one of the managers. With almost all my questions I could turn to him and he has taught me a lot. From day one I was immediately struck by how good the relationship is between the management and the employees here. There is practically no barrier to ask any questions. I would have loved to stay here after my internship. Unfortunately, this was not possible because there were no vacancies. I therefore chose to work for another company as a developer. After six months, I received a phone call from Steven. There were new vacancies and they hadn’t forgotten about me! I did not have to think long about this offer and within a month I could make the switch. Meanwhile I have been working at for 7 months now!”

If you want to learn more about Azure, this is the place to be.

“Another thing that attracted me to is the expertise that exists in the team around Azure. During my education I did not really work with this technology, but during my internship here I learned a lot about it. The possibilities that Azure offers intrigue me. What I was able to learn and do here during my internship exceeded everything that was covered during my education. I still learn from my team every day.”

Even if you don’t work together every day, you still feel like you’re a part of the team!

“I still have the most contact with Steven and Jochen (the management team). Thanks to the many events that are organised, I also got to know the rest of the team better and better. I’m talking about knowledge-sharing moments with the team, such as the “knowledge nuggets” and “tech squads”, but also the fun events! Once, for instance, we went 4×4 racing in Wallonia and another time, a murder mystery dinner was organised. The knowledge-sharing moments are particularly interesting for me as a junior because I get to learn a lot from people that used these techniques on real projects. It’s very convenient to be able to look back at the presentations of my colleagues or just ask them anything.
At the moment I am the only member at my client so it is very nice that these events are organised to stay close to the rest of the team.”

Combine the things you love and make your own dream job here

“At my current project I am now working a lot with .NET. What appeals to me most in my job is that we can work with different technologies and that the assignments vary enormously. This means that there is an assignment for everyone that is just right for that person. We work with flexible hours and there’s a possibility to divide your time between working at the client, at home or at the office. I like to go to the office once in a while to see some people again!”

Working at means you’ll have a lot of extra’s!

“I only notice that we are part of the i8c cluster at big events such as the i8c Tech University. We’re also a part of the Cronos group. Thanks to Cronos we were also able to go to Plopsaland with all the companies. The whole park was booked just for us! The feeling of ‘the best of both worlds’ really applies here. I feel that I am just a part of the family but that we can benefit from the advantages of the larger companies that we’re a part of. For example, from day 1 I had a nice company car with a fuel card.

Cronos also has a Cronos Care programme. This has enabled me to go to an event 2-3 times already. You can buy tickets at a super-cheap price, or even win them! Recently, I won tickets to a concert by Stan van Samang!”

Being proud of what you do makes all your efforts worthwhile!

“I’m very proud of every little step I’m making now. Things like getting a certificate after an exam are just an example of that. I already have my Fundamentals Certificate, and now I’m studying for my Developer exams. What I’m also very proud of, is one of the projects I did with Jochen (manager). He had an idea about making a system to automatically clean the archive in the cloud. We discussed it and he let me work on it. I loved seeing that idea come to live.

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