Parse JSON messages without root element with Logic Apps

During one of our Logic App projects we faced an issue with trying to parse JSON messages without root element. In this blog post we will describe one of the solutions we implemented in order to process those messages. Looking at the workflow definition language you can expect the xml to be able to translate […]

Working with xml in Logic Apps

As the tools available in Azure are continuously being changed and improved, it is sometimes hard to find updated documentation with the most recent features. I experienced this myself when I was trying to process XML in Logic Apps for the first time.This blog contains some of the possibilities of processing xml data within a […]

Azure DevOps Common Resources projects 

As cloud infrastructures grow, so do the complexities and the need for centralizing for commonly used resources. As Azure Cloud Integration Engineers, this is doubly so with the data and resources for the many communication partners there could be. I’ve found this to be the same as well in a CI/CD environment. In this blogpost, […]

Run a Logic App in a container

This article serves as a proof of concept to test the Logic App (Standard) “run anywhere” Microsoft statement.Here we describe the necessary steps to make a Logic App (Standard) run in a containerized way, avoiding extra costs of having the App service running even when the workflow is not being called. By the end of […]

How to handle max-size validation with Azure API Management

Just before we dive in, we’d like to note that further insights on this topic are availble on the “Microsoft Learn” website.  Using the “validate-content” policy, not only can you validate the request’s size, but also ensure that the incoming or outgoing body aligns with the API specification. Currently, this supports both JSON & XML payloads. Where can […]

Streamlining developer experience with Private Bicep Repositories

In the world of Azure and cloud infrastructure management, a top priority is consistently ensuring a clear and robust Azure governance and policy enforcement. Within this context, we encounter two primary concepts, Azure Policies and Private Bicep Repositories, each offering unique advantages in shaping the parameters and limitations of your cloud environment. This is an important best practice in […]

Becoming a part of

At we are always looking for talent, so when we welcome a new talented IT person to our team we want to make sure they get a warm welcome! Want to know what the first days of a new member look like? Then read on! One of our newest colleagues, Tiago, will tell […]

Meet Sven – Our Azure Cloud Integration Architect !

With his +10 years of experience at you can call Sven one of our lead integration experts! He has worked on the development and architecture of many Azure Integration projects.  Find out more about Sven and how he experienced those 10 years with us! 10 Years of experience in a company that exists for […]

Meet Jasper – Our Azure Integration Consultant!

Meet Jasper! This allround Azure expert has been a part of our family for a combined total of 7 years. After 5 years in our team, he left the company to start a new chapter in his career. We didn’t forget about him and asked him te re-join us, and we still praise ourselves as […]